👩🏻‍💻 Hi there! I'm an associate full-stack software engineer in Southeast Missouri. Welcome to my site—make yourself at home.


My professional background is in international exchange, so in addition to French and Spanish, I've recently added some programming languages to my toolbelt.

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I have experience working with Ruby, Javascript, HTML, & CSS, as well as the Rails and Angular frameworks.

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Car dealership inventory app

Independent project utilizing a Rails API and Angular frontend, that simulates a used car dealership inventory with employee login capability. By clicking on "sign up" and creating an account, users can add or delete cars when logged in.

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Employer project

I worked with a small cohort to implement a Slack-integrated Angular application allowing for submission of anonymous questions that will tie into a region-wide management system for coding bootcamps. Bootcamp students will be able to submit coding questions anonymously that will appear in the bootcamp Slack channel and encourage collaboration. As an example, this demo shows the question submission as a direct message to myself.

This website

My portfolio website was built as an independent practice project using Ruby on Rails and Bootstrap.